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Don't you just LOVE a Summer evening?!? Well you're in luck! I have a wonderful pre wedding shoot for you all, and this one is certainly a beauty!

I shot Sarah & Paul's wedding not too long ago, at the end of October at New House Farm, but if we back up a few months earlier I'll show you first their pre wedding shoot in their home village of Dalston. We started the evening with quite overcast weather, which in reality is a breeze to shoot in, no squinty eyes or harsh shadows, but by the end of the evening we had the most glorious golden hour and the sun came out at exactly the right time just before we finished, and am I glad it did!!

The whole shoot was such a lovely experience, getting to know Sarah & Paul more before their big day and chatting all things wedding! We had an abundance of locations with beautiful flowers, trees and even a river to use as a backdrop... basically we were spoilt!

You would have thought we had better weather for their pre wedding shoot than their wedding, considering one was June and one was October... however I'm pleased to say you are wrong! On their big day, it might have been bitterly cold, however it was the sunniest, bluest of sky days you could imagine. BUT you'll just have to wait a few weeks to see their wedding in full on the blog.

Instead though, I'll leave you with their dream-worth pre wedding shoot, which was amazing!!



Where are we going next?

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