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It All Began When They Said “No”.

At the age of 21 fresh out of university, working in London was my only dream. Three years studying Fashion Communication, working London Fashion Week, interning for a PR firm and working on the side in Fenwick in Newcastle, I had all the makings (or what I assumed was all the makings) to get my dream job, even getting to the final interview to become a buyer at Harrods!


But turns out, that isn’t always the case! 


The issue with getting rejected numerous times is you become less picky. You leave your dream at the door and end up focusing on getting ANY job.


And that’s when it hit me. Why am I leaving my destiny down to someone else?!


Instead of battling for any-old job, I moved back to the Lake District and started to revaluate what exactly I WANTED to do. 


While working in marketing self employed for a client base I'd built up in the local area and dabbling in photography, one of my clients asked me for a favour… would I photograph his second wedding? He didn’t want the typical photographer, instead a friend that would keep the day relaxed and fun.


And that’s when I had my lightbulb moment, at the age of 24, jumping in feet first never looking back.

Since then I've been lucky enough to be featured on The English Wedding Blog, Brides Up North, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, shooting for Belle Bridal Magazine both in the UK and abroad, as well as photographing over 100 weddings - each one so unbelievably special!

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Proudest Moment: Sipping champagne at a rooftop bar in Milan discussing with the editor of Belle Bridal Magazine on the phone an epic shoot the following week at a chateau in France. A pinch-me-moment and one I certainly will never forget in my life!


Go-To Drink: Espresso Martini!

My Happy Place: A toss up between photographing my couples ceremonies and travelling around Europe soaking up the culture. Both somehow give a greater purpose to life, taking in the history while travelling and the other capturing moments in time for future memories. 

Platform Of Choice: Instagram!


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Inspiration: All the girl-bosses out there! In particular LOVE In The Frow as well as Jasmine Star


Current Focus: Renovating an old falling down agricultural barn into my very first home. My head is FULL of décor ideas! Check our #TheNextStep blog 1.0 HERE and 2.0 HERE to see more!

When I'm Not Working: I'm brunching with the girls - avocado on toast is my go-to favourite!

Favourite Place: Bellagio on Lake Como! You've got the glamour, the drinks lifestyle, and the relaxation. It would be my DREAM to shoot a wedding on Lake Como. 

When Did I Know Wedding Photography Was IT: I managed to get on a last minute 3 day wedding photography course a week before my first wedding and the photographer teaching (Lisa Aldersley) was so unbelievably enthusiastic and in love with what she did. Her passion made me fall in love with the career before I even shot my first wedding.

Favourite Fashion Style/Trend: Sports Luxe!! A trouser with a stripe down? YES! A valid reason for wearing Sweaty Betty and Lululemon every day? YES!


Funniest Career Moment: Walking down the halls of the grandest chateau in France after shooting an editorial spread and seeing our model casually butt-naked strolling down them too. (There's a funnier story that's WAYYY too inappropriate for my website from this trip - BUT ask me and I'll tell you!)

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