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Can you believe it's only 3 days until Christmas??!!?? BUT right now I'm as excited as an 8-year-old-in-footie-pyjamas-6am-on-Christmas-morning-"WHAT-DID-SANTA-BRING-ME?" for today's blog! And, that excitement is all down to these two, Louise & Mark.

And wow, I'm just utterly in love with their pre wedding shoot and I can't quite believe I've waited this long to show you all, HOWEVER let's call this my Christmas present to you - no need to thank me!

Throughout the start of the year I kept driving past Bassenthwaite Lake for many different reasons, and every time I drove past I always noticed a lay-by and a gate. On the other side of the gate was some wonderfully long grass and the lake. Every single drive-by I would think, "what a wonderful location that would be for a pre wedding shoot."

SO, when Louise & Mark left it to me to choose their pre wedding shoot location I HAD to choose this random lay-by as our meeting point! I'm so glad Louise and Mark thoroughly put their trust in me picking the location and am even more happy that we shot their pre wedding shoot on one of the hottest evenings in July when the sun was out in full force!

These two were absolute dreams to photograph and it was wonderful to find out more about them both and hear about their plans for their big day in September. FYI I'll be sharing their wedding in the coming months, and I'm sure you'll agree, looking at these photographs here, you're in for something special with these two!