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If you've been following me for a little while you know I totally LOVE pre wedding shoots! It's such an amazing way for me to get to know my couples even more and we both get to feel so comfortable in each others company before your big day.

With pre wedding shoots we have all the time in the world to get my classic shots filled with personality, but also it gives me a chance to get creative with the both of you, to try new things and see exactly what you like. AND I totally get to find out your signature photo, (everyone has one that they just NAIL!)

But let's totally get back on track, instead of me telling you all why I MASSIVELY LOVE these shoots, I'll focus back on Jenny & Chris' pre wedding shoot. I met up with these two for my very first shoot of 2019, on the 4th January at Bamburgh for a special beach shoot. Jenny & Chris picked Bamburgh for their location because it's an area that Chris has done many half marathons over the years with Jenny cheering him on, so they've got a lot of memories around there. Oh and let's not forget just HOW BEAUTIFUL this area is! I always joke that I left my heart in Northumberland when I moved back to Cumbria - even with the wonderful Lake District views, a Northumberland beach just has something super magical and calming in my eyes. So when they suggested this location I jumped at the chance!

The time that I spend with these two was so lovely and I'm utterly in love with their photographs too, I'm sure you'll agree after looking through these! I just KNOW their actual wedding photographs are going to be something special!

Jenny & Chris are getting married at Healey Barn in Northumberland towards the end of March and I'm sure it's going to be a wonderfully fun day!



Where are we going next?

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