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As featured in Belle Bridal Magazine and on the BELLE BLOG!

....Setting up a stylised shoot is serious HARD work! (Dare I say it!)

From tailor picking the best suppliers, to securing dream worthy venues, THEN creating a style that compliments the venue, yet is completely on trend.

I put my heart and soul into this shoot back in August at Charlton Hall, creating a styling board and theme that brought in the on-trend boho-pampas-grass vibe, yet pulling it back into a sophisticated minimalist take on the trend that may I say... only suits a boho girl! I wanted to showcase a way to use something that is completely 'of the time' in a slightly more classic style that suits the timeless bride.

I was very conscious about making sure my styling accentuated Charlton Hall's amazingly eclectic interiors and not compete with them, and anyone who knows the venue knows how hard that may be since their interiors are drop-dead gorgeous!

I also made a conscious effort to choose a table layout that suited the current times we're in and purposefully chose an area of Charlton that would suit a 15 guest sit down dinner, showing how stunningly elegant a small wedding set up can be... I have to say The Whole Sch-bang Event Decor hit the styling out of the park for this and made all my dreams come true and more!

Whenever I go into styling a bridal shoot I consciously go out of my way to go against the grain, to do something completely different to what we're seeing everywhere at the moment, and I'm thrilled and maybe a touch shocked at just how beautiful this shoot turned out.

I love mixing my fashion background into my wedding work and this shoot pulled in everything I love in one day and some of my most loved wedding suppliers too!!

I'm guessing you're ready to see more of the shoot??!!! Well, you best get scrolling!

Dream Supplier team:


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