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Do you ever feel totally lucky that your job is your passion?!?

On the last day of September I certainly did feel like that capturing such an amazing stylised shoot. One where all I seemed to do was smile, laugh... oh and take some photos!

The wonderful Mama Cakes Cumbria organised up the most to-die-for shoot at a brand new wedding venue Kinmoun House. Kinmount is a family run country house that they have renovated into a wedding venue and are just starting to take bookings now, and honestly... WOW! You guys know I've seen MANY MANY venues, and I have to say Kinmount is up there with the unique and stunning ones!

Don't get me wrong, we had a few bumps along the way (and I don't just mean when I was on their quad-bike/buggy bouncing around in the back on the way down to the other side of their lake!) 3am that morning I got the news that Claire from Mama Cakes was incredibly ill and couldn't make it to the shoot... after many reassurances I was happy to help organise the actual day, however I totally felt like an imposter, the style of the shoot was utterly stunning and I did NONE of the hard work leading up to the day!

After stuffing 3 (AMAZING) cupcakes down me that Claire had delivered to the shoot and drinking many cups of coffee, the day ran without another hitch in sight! The shoot was utterly perfect and some of these photographs are just jaw-dropping and without a shadow of a doubt Kinmount is going to be a venue to watch!

Suppliers who made the day amazing:

Stylist: Mama Cakes

Model: Deborah Farrel


Where are we going next?

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