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I love getting to shoot at some of the most amazing venues and the Doxford Barn Group certainly have some of the best! The week before Valentine’s Day I headed out to both Doxford Barn and Charlton Hall (two amazing wedding venues in the North East of the UK near Alnwick) where I shot some promotional Valentine’s Day material for their social media channels with Kat from The Whole Schbang styling the venues.

This was such an amazing day (not only because I got to get out of the house during a very boring lockdown) but I got to FINALLY have a look around Doxford Barns and check out the new accommodation at Charlton Hall. I adore Charlton Hall and during the vlog give you a mini tour of part of the venue, a sneak peek of the new accommodation and you see MY REACTION to seeing Doxford Barns for the first time with Jessica Lilley, Wedding Director for The Doxford Group, giving us the grand tour of the beautiful rustic barn setting for a stunning country wedding!

You also get to see a little sneak peek behind the scenes of me in my element shooting some to die for styling set ups at the two venues!

This video is hopefully the first of many behind the scenes previews of what actually goes on during a stylised shoot. The other month I asked via an Instagram poll if you’d like to see videos like this and it was a resounding YES, with one of my highest rating polls to date, so during lockdown 3.0 I’ve been focusing on learning how to both film and edit, and now can officially say I have a YouTube channel – Camilla Lucinda. Please go and subscribe if you enjoy things like this!!

I would love to finish off this post by saying thank you to everyone who voted in that poll giving my the confidence to take the next step and up my game once more. It’s boring to stay in the same place isn’t it and it’s been great to expand my skillset and introduce you further into my life.

So with that being said, this video is dedicated to you!

Photographs from the stylised shoot:


Where are we going next?

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