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Back at the start of February Keseme Bridal Makeup and I had an idea... a bit of a crazy idea!

How about we give something away as a way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported us over the hardest year of our careers. A fun and frivolous way of giving back!

Our plan had begun! We started researching into what we could give away, throwing brand names out there and searching through website after website for the perfect Valentine's Day Gift... THEN WE FOUND IT! The most beautiful bright red YSL bag!

I have LOVED setting up our big Valentines Day Giveaway with Keseme and thought I'd share with you all a little bit more insight into why we did this amazing giveaway and the work we put into both launching it and picking a winner incredibly fairly.

Check out our video below for more fun and behind the scenes gossip!


Where are we going next?

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