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Could you ever imagine meeting your future husband for the first time due to getting a touch too drunk on a works night out, and then your colleagues’ son had to take you home?! Well for Sarah & Paul, that’s exactly how it happened!

HOWEVER, it wasn’t until matching on Tinder quite a while after that night that they actually started talking, and in Paul’s words ‘I wasn’t too sure she would remember me when we matched!’

After working hundreds of weddings, day by day I’m more inclined to believe in fate and Sarah & Paul are another couple that just seem completely meant for each other.

… I’ll back up a little bit! On the 26th of July 2022 I arrived at one of the most beautiful venues, Farlam Hall, for Sarah & Paul’s big, yet intimate, wedding day. Sarah & Paul knew from the very start all they wanted was a family-orientated intimate wedding and they certainly got that, plus so much more with their dream ceremony outside, the most amazing table set up, and a beautiful evening out on the lawn enjoying the evening sunshine (and amazing sunset) while playing games. I won’t lie the whole family has a very competitive nature and it was more than entertaining to watch!!

Even though it was only a small wedding Sarah didn’t let that stop her from glowing in bridal glory, having two different hairstyles, stunning Louboutins, and an added bit of sparkle for her dress in the evening.

These two certainly proved that you can plan the most amazing wedding in only 7-8 months since they actually only got engaged in December 2021! At the start of December Sarah had planned for them to do a makeshift advent calendar by buying little gifts to open in the calendar each day (Sarah’s definitely a girl after my own heart!). However, on one of the days – the one day she wasn’t that interested in opening – Paul persuaded her into the festive spirit in the morning and to her surprise, it was only a piece of paper with some writing on. BUT that writing was like a little treasure hunt telling her where to look for her actual present and to Sarah’s surprise the ‘little present’ was only little in size, an engagement ring!!

It was such a pleasure getting to know Sarah & Paul and I honestly had so much fun capturing their big day for them. AND CAN WE JUST MENTION THEIR SUNSET SHOTS?!?! Is anyone else getting Italy vibes?!?

I loved every single minute of their special day and I’m thrilled to share with you all their beautiful wedding preview… the wedding may have been small in guests, but their preview certainly isn’t small by any means!!!

Here’s to the new Mr & Mrs Scott!!

Suppliers to love:

Hair: Sarah's friend Amy


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