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I spent the day with Sarah & Geoffrey for their wonderful wedding at the beautiful Lodore Falls. I’ve been looking forward to Sarah & Geoffrey’s big day ever since they booked me two years before their wedding, then also after we met exactly a year ago to the day for their pre-wedding shoot.

Waking up on the morning of 7th October 2022, we didn’t have the best of weather… I mean the rain was so bad the roads around Derwent Water and Lodore Falls were flooded! However, even with the storm and rain battering the countryside both Sarah & Geoffrey weren’t fazed by it and were just thoroughly enjoying every single minute. As Sarah was about to get in her dress the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. However, Sarah’s not just any old bride - she was upset the rain had stopped and she actually missed it!!!

We were so lucky that the day dried up just in time for Sarah & Geoffrey to have a first look together. They’d decided to see each other before their ceremony to get out all the nerves in advance and to have a private little moment (with bridesmaids watching on) for the two of them before the big day officially kicked off. Geoffrey was already feeling a little emotional before he even saw Sarah, but his reaction when he turned around to see her was honestly one of the best I’ve seen and was certainly more than Sarah could have ever hoped for!

After a bit of time to catch up outside, we headed back in for their wedding ceremony which Geoffrey’s aunt Lorna conducted, telling lots of little stories about the two of them and making the ceremony truly unique. With personal vows read to each other and rings exchanged it was time to begin the celebrations with everyone and for the congratulations to begin!

Knowing how fun these two are, we’d planned together to try a champagne spray for some photographs. With the first set of two bottles left at home, Geoffrey’s brother got two from the hotel bar and it was SO WORTH IT!! You NEED to check out those photographs!!! Geoffrey’s brother actually played a crucial role in these two getting together – with Geoffrey as best man at his brother’s wedding and Sarah as bridesmaid they got to know each other more and more throughout the wedding celebrations and by their third date they jetted off on holiday abroad together for 10 whole days!

Both Sarah & Geoffrey are nothing less than absolutely wonderful people, and both truly love to live life to its fullest together. It’s been the biggest pleasure getting to know these two over the years (and their cutest little dog Walter). I can’t quite believe their day has been and gone, but it was such a pleasure getting to play a small part in capturing it for them.

I’d love to wish them the happiest of lives together (however I know they’ve got some amazing adventures to come in the future!) Here’s to the new Dr Smith and Mrs Anderson-Smith!

Suppliers to love:

Saxophone: Shindig Sax

Grooms Apparel: Jenson Samuel

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