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What a way to end my 2022 wedding season!!!!!

On the 28th of December, after years of planning, Jayne & Reece had the wedding day they’d always imagined and more!

It may have rained all day non-stop but a bit of rain certainly didn’t dampen their spirits - I don’t think I saw the smiles leave their faces ALL DAY! Well… except for when Jayne walked down the aisle, Reece certainly shed a few tears then! You HAVE to check out those photos!

A few years ago Jayne & Reece got set up by their best man and maid of honour with Jayne admitting she wasn’t too interested initially, and Reece saying he basically stalked her until he wore her down! Persistence won though luckily, because these two are honestly the most perfect match.

Forward through a few years and they’ve now got the cutest little girl Willow. At 6 months old she was certainly the bell of the ball with everyone fawning over her in her little gown that Jayne wore at her own parents wedding.

There’s so much I could talk about from their wedding day, from Jayne taking a sip of her mums hip flask before heading to the church unknown to what was poured inside 6 years ago (luckily it wasn't too much like paint stripper and actually not too bad on her first sip) to the singing waiters who got every single person off their chairs singing, dancing and even moving tables to create a dance floor between courses (perfect for Jayne who is a dancer and Reece who really should be a dancer!!)

Everything about their day was unbelievably magical, and truly shows the weather doesn't make one spot of difference to how amazing a wedding day can be. It was such a pleasure capturing Jayne & Reece's big day for them and I'd love to wish them both the biggest of congratulations in the world. It's pretty obvious to see that their marriage is going to be filled with fun and laughter throughout.

Here's to Mr & Mrs Bone, my last couple of 2022!!!

Suppliers to love:

Videographer: CPD Film

Grooms Apparel: Goodfellows Menswear

Secret Singers: Waiter Surprise


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