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Lauren and Barry never stopped smiling ALL DAY!

After battling through countless postponements they finally got their day of dreams in Summer 2021 and as Lauren said, it’s not the wedding she ever imagined, but it actually turned out better since she had the most relaxed day with her favourite people (only 30 were allowed to attend).

I’ve never met a couple so suited to each there, a couple who constantly laugh, and one whose happiness shines so bright for everyone to see.

They met back when Lauren was 14 but only realised their feelings for each other at a mutual friends wedding years later and since then their relationship and life together has gone from strength to strength supporting each other’s dreams and ideas, becoming a true team.

At times on the big day we were all questioning if we were in Ibiza or Cumbria with 25 degrees and pure sunshine throughout the whole day finishing the evening with stunning live music and a true evening celebration outside with the sunset as a backdrop.

Lauren & Barry’s wedding will without a shadow of a doubt be one I will always remember and will certainly be one that forever makes me thankful and blessed to call this my job. I have so much more to say about this wonderful couple and their wedding but instead of recounting you all with the stories, I'll let the photographs say it all!

A massive congratulations to Mr & Mrs Allison.

Suppliers to love:

Cake: The Moody Baker

Hair: Jade Hodgson

Calligrapher: Jil Liley


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