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From a big wedding over in Dublin, to a wedding of 30 in the Lakes organised in a matter of weeks, to THEN being cut again at the last minute to 15 guests... Rebecca & Will were certainly determined, and with everything against them on the lead up to the wedding, they couldn’t have had a better day! Sunshine, laughter and plenty of drinks, their day is certainly one to remember in my books.

Rebecca & Will got married at the Laura Ashley Hotel, The Belsfield overlooking Windermere on the 10th October 2020 on a glorious autumnal day with florals to die for! (

These two are without a doubt made for each other, meeting on as Will put it to me, ‘the serious dating site eHarmony… you know, the one you have to pay for.’ He managed to blag Rebecca’s number by saying they should exchange digits just in case the site goes down. Rebecca must have seen something special in Will to say yes after he wished her goodnight calling her ‘Rachel’!!

(Honestly I just LOVE stories like this!)

After many dates to local pubs, and trips across to Ireland - a place they originally wished to get married – these two have certainly made many memories together and already have a daughter together… in the form of a much loved cat! Well, much loved by Rebecca since apparently Will is allergic (even though in the time they’ve had her he’s sneezed only twice!)

I’m so happy that I got to spend the day with Rebecca, Will and their closest family and friends last year, and even though it wasn’t the big Dublin wedding they initially imagined, they still had the most spectacular day!

I’d love to wish these two the happiest of lives together. To Mr & Mrs!


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