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I'm taking us back to that very brief point in 2020 where we were allowed not just a wedding... but 30 GUESTS! It's certainly a thing of the past now, but we can all relive Pam & Rob's beautifully relaxed wedding day in Torpenhow back in August 2020.

Pam & Rob are just one of those couples who you look at and just know they have an amazing life together to come! They are so kind, welcoming and just wonderful people, and it's been lovely getting to know them over the past 2 years. Even when COVID threw a spanner in the works on their original big day and they had to completely change venues while Pam was working on the front line in hospital, they stayed so positive and to them just getting married was their main goal, whether they had 100 guests, just the two of them, or the 30 they ended up having.

They tied the knot at Torpenhow Church and celebrated a very short walk away (LUCKILY since the gale-force winds made the walk difficult to navigate - especially in a wedding dress) at Torpenhow Village Hall. These two have some serious vision transforming the hall into a beautiful space to eat, drink and dance in.

It was so lovely to still shoot so many weddings last summer AND with them all being so small I was welcomed into the select few friends and family as more of one of the guests, which was unbelievably sweet! These two made me feel incredibly welcome from the start (like I'm sure they would with anyone) and even had a champagne glass engraved with my name ready and waiting for us to arrive to the Village Hall after photographs. I'll certainly be using that in my new house later in the year when I move in!

I'm so pleased to share with you all Pam & Rob's big day, and congratulate them on having an outstandingly beautiful big day!!

Suppliers who made their day special:

Thinking about a small wedding this year due to restrictions?!

Rob's here to put your mind at ease: "As a recently wed couple in COVID restrictions, I can wholeheartedly say the mutual support you’ll get from suppliers, as you support them, is fantastic...they will go above and beyond to make your day extra special. Camilla was our photographer and has done an outstanding job, just incredible photos. Every guest that attended commented how nice an intimate wedding is. Life is for living and you shouldn’t spend it waiting. So what are you waiting for?"

And how about Pam? Did she regret not having the big white wedding?? Pam: "I agree. No regrets, we had a fantastic day regardless of restrictions. Having a downscaled wedding was worth it for us. Every photo is captured so beautifully, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a big wedding but there’s no sign of when rules will change. Our photos were just as amazing with 30 guests as they would have been with 90!"


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