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I can honestly say over the past few months I've been really enjoying the smaller, more intimate weddings. I've been LOVING the new Reels feature on Instagram lately, using it to show you all a taster of what the smaller weddings look like and the feedback from all of you has been amazing!

So today, I thought it was only fitting to take up back to the second wedding after lockdown - Toni & Jonny's!

Toni and Jonny decided that being husband and wife was more important than waiting another year, so instead of postponing they decided to do the legal bit on the 6th August 2020 at Askham Hall with their parents, Jonny's nan, and their two little ones Finn and Aurora . But don't worry, they're not forgoing the big celebration with their family and friends , because in August 2021 they're doing it all over again but in the more traditional style with bridesmaids and groomsmen, a wedding blessing, dinner, dancing and some no doubt great speeches!

They decided to save their official wedding dress and suit until next year, and wore whole new outfits for this year. (How amazing do they look!!) Really, they get to do it twice and have two wonderful celebrations - what an amazing idea!!

Toni and Jonny had the most wonderful intimate wedding day with the most glorious weather and without a doubt were kept more than entertained by Finn and Aurora! Their day was so special and meaningful to the two of them and I'm so pleased that they're officially Mr & Mrs Wood.

After getting to know both Toni & Jonny, their wonderful children as well as parents and nan, I cannot wait to do the whole day again next year at Askham Hall... you know there's going to be PLENTY more photographs to share next year! But for now, I'll let you scroll through their beautiful wedding no.1..

P.S Toni's stunner of a dress is from Monsoon I LOVE this years dress so can't wait to see what next year has in store for us all!


Where are we going next?

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