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I honestly can't believe it's taken me so long to share with you all a few photographs from Kim & George's pre-wedding shoot! ⁠

We had the nicest morning walking around an area they used to live close by to, chatting continuously for nearly two hours! ⁠

Kim & George have known each other since first year of university with one of their very first encounters being when George picked her up and dropped her in the road... to this day she still has a scar on her body from that incident! ⁠

You'd think Kim would be head over heels for the guy who dropped her , BUT they just stayed friends and didn't actually get together until years later - apparently, some of their friends saw the connection earlier but timing plays a hand in lots of peoples lives and it was certainly worth the wait for Kim & George. ⁠

These two are planning their wedding for the end of July since Kim is a teacher, and after telling the kids that in the following school year she'll be 'Mrs Huck' one plucky child piped up 'Miss, you do know you don't NEED to take his name'. Problem last names aside, these two are honestly so perfect together and I honestly cannot wait to shoot their big day for them at Ulverston Church, followed by their reception at The Grange Hotel on the 29th July 2023.

Considering they were a little nervous about the photo side of things, their happiness shines through and I'm pretty sure they're already pros!


Where are we going next?

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