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I’m so excited to show you today’s wedding preview!!!

Elizabeth & Paul got married, on the 18th June 2022, at their local church, followed by an insanely amazing reception at Lodore Falls Hotel & Spa. Elizabeth was so nervous all day about being in front of the camera, and I’m sure you’ll all agree there was absolutely no need to be! These two have a relationship full of fun and laughter when they’re together and it was so much fun getting to capture them throughout their special day.

We started at Elizabeth & Paul’s house with the girls, and by all accounts the weeks leading up to the big day were a little more than stressful since they were also amid renovations in the house with their flooring only JUST going down 2 days before their wedding! These two certainly don’t do anything by halves! However, that and a slight dress issue on the morning, were the only things to stress about, and everything else was just as they had hoped, planned for and imagined!

Both Elizabeth and Paul certainly take things in their stride, especially on the day Paul had planned to propose!! On a trip to Dubai Paul had hired a boat for the day, however it started less than perfect with a bit of bickering, however as he got down of one knee (mid bicker) Elizabeth quickly realised why he wanted them both to be on the boat so bad! I love just how chilled and relaxed these two are, especially since Paul had arranged a really amazing restaurant that night and Elizabeth didn’t even want to go, but instead just wanted a chilled evening in the hotel. I think this story epitomises both Paul & Elizabeth so much, happy in each other’s company and they don’t need all the bells and whistles to enjoy life together!

With the rain pouring the day before the wedding when family and friends were helping set up at Lodore, the sun decided to shine for their big day and they got the dream drinks reception outside with Cory Spedding and Stuart Sidney starting the party with some live music. The party went all the way through into the evening and the dancefloor was packed the entire time I was there (with some very hilarious dance moves too!!!)

I’d love to wish Elizabeth & Paul the most amazing life together, they’re such a lovely couple who planned a stunning wedding that I am grateful to have been a small part of!

Suppliers to love:

Florist: Decoflora

Cake: Laura Newstead


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