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I met up with Caragh and Ben one stunningly sunny Spring evening last month in Northumberland to walk, talk and most importantly, capture photographs for their pre wedding shoot!

It was lovely to get to know these two even more, especially since they're getting married in one of my favourite venues - Healey Barn - later this year. Caragh is an avid Harry Potter fan, (aren't we all secretly?!), and it was amazing to hear all the little nods to their passions they are putting in the wedding day. Without fail, this is going to be a very magical wedding, (pun intended), and I can guarantee will be one wedding you'll NEED to see up on my blog towards the back end of the year!

But Siriusly, back to their actual pre wedding shoot. We huffed & puffed, (and walked) around Blanchland, a village which is super cute, and down by the river which lead us to a bridge in the middle of a woodland area - does it feel like we're in a HP book yet?! All we need are a few owls, the Hogwarts train to wizz across the bridge and maybe a Death Eater or two to appear - luckily they didn't though!

The whole evening was filled with the most beautiful golden snitch... oh no wait, I mean sunlight. You know when I mentioned 'golden hour'?! Well Caragh and Ben got GOLDEN EVENING! No need for an hour for these two, the sun just happily performs all evening in the most beautiful of ways.

I love this pre wedding shoot of Caragh & Ben's, and I hope you all do too!

More to come later this year from these two, (and plenty more punderful jokes. There's nothing Ron in making puns).



Where are we going next?

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