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Ever wondered where all those pin-worthy weddings get their beautiful calligraphy designed signs, invites and table decor from?

Well look no further! I'd love to introduce to you all, Handwritten Decor! Jessica from Handwritten helps brides, as well as home owners create something bespoke and perfectly fitting for all your needs, be it your wedding day or just an empty wall that needs filling! She's got you covered!

Jessica is just currently just stepping into the world of weddings, due to panning her own for Summer 2018 - which I'm so excited to shoot - and I'm sure you'll see an awful lot more of her work towards the end of 2018, but I thought I'd let you all get ahead of the crowd and see a rising talent in the industry!

I'll let Jessica tell you more...

Tell us a little bit about you and how you founded Handwritten Decor?

My journey began from the renovation of me and my boyfriends first home together. I wanted to put our own personal touch to the decor of the house, and I could not think of any better way to have that personal feeling than to make something myself. I had my own favourite quotes and sayings that I wanted to be displayed as feature decor pieces, so I got to work and made a very large, rustic style wood sign from spare wood that I found in the garage, with my Handwritten lettering on it reading the dictionary definition of ‘Home’, and it still hangs proudly on our living room wall today. It was then I had the bug for making wood signs and handwriting anything on them.

When my boyfriend became my hubby to be, and the BIG DAY was booked I got myself into full blown planning mode, had EVEN MORE creative brain waves, I wanted to experiment more with different surfaces; chalkboards, glass, mirrors and frames, I want my bespoke signs to be everywhere and anywhere at our wedding. The feeling I had/get making these signs for myself and for my own decor desires, it really made me want to create that happiness and joy for other brides, to create bespoke, handwritten signs for their big day too.

What’s your wedding must have for 2018?

REAL CONFETTI. I got obsessed with saving all my petals from the flowers in house and garden. The colours and textures are just extraordinary and have such a rustic appearance to them. I have mountains of it now!

You’re also planning your own wedding for 2018, have you got any tips for newly engaged brides?

Don’t think you have to get everything done straight away. Take your time and enjoy the process. Spread out the months with jobs you have, if you do them too quick you will have nothing to do which takes away from the excitement, but leave it all too late and your stress levels will be sky high. Take your time and enjoy it with everyone around you that loves you and wants to help you.

Most importantly, be selfish, it’s YOUR big day.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made to date?

Tough question! It has to be our top table seating plan sign. My hubby to be is a major football fan, so I have interpreted a few little football twists to our big day for him. The sign is a vintage framed chalkboard, and on it I have drawn the layout of a football pitch with the guests names Handwritten in a lovely writing style, arranged in the order of a football team. He and my family love sports so know it will be appreciated!

How do you source your materials? Do brides need to provide you with wood, chalk boards, mirrors etc, or do you provide them yourself?

I provide the materials. However, if a bride has a specific frame or mirror they would like me to use I will make it possible. My business has a hire or buy strategy.

How do brides go about ordering with you? Do they come with ideas or a bit of a blank canvas and want your help?

It’s good to have a brief idea of what you would like, eg. What surface or lettering styles they’d like, to what they actually want written on the sign. I always recommend they have a browse on Pinterest. What an AMAZING place to find inspiration. If a bride is unsure, I will always help get their imagination onto paper for them, with a few drawings of ideas I have for them they are a step closer to their bespoke sign.

What’s your big business dream? Where do you see your company going?

To create Handwritten Decor for many more happy homes and brides in the future. Making anybody’s decor dream come true is my main goal.

For more information and photographs of Jessica from Homemade Decor's recent work please visit her business Facebook page HERE. Also keep an eye out in Summer 2018 for Jessica's own wedding featured on the blog - I'm sure it'll be full of homemade special twists throughout!



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