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I have been incredibly lucky to visit so many amazing venues, and as I describe it, eat my way around the north! I've shot weddings set in barns, hotels, marquees, country houses plus more, and it must be an absolute minefield for couples just starting out their wedding journey trying to find the perfect venue for their big day.

Suddenly, the other day in lockdown while working from my parents dining room table I thought to myself why don't I share all my knowledge of each and every venue I've visited and worked at to help you find the perfect one for your big day. So, while isolated, and until weddings kick back off again later in the summer I thought I'd share as many different types of venues I can with you all via a new blog series, The Venue Directory!

I'm starting the series with probably quite an obvious choice (especially if you follow my blog and notice just how many weddings I shoot here):

I've been a recommended supplier at Healey Barn for a few years, however without a doubt that hasn't swayed my choice of popping them in my introductory first venue post. I just adore Healey Barn! I've seen this venue grow and evolve over the years, continuously upping their wedding-game making every single wedding wonderful.

These guys book weddings every single day of the year, however not once have I ever felt like it's a 'one-in-one-out' kind of situation. The team puts all their effort into each and every wedding, helping, giving advice and trying to accommodate every couple's needs.

I've worked many weddings at Healey Barn, from Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, I've seen it all! Each season gives a totally different look, both the barn and the grounds are immaculately kept but also giving a 'perfected rustic' vibe... basically a wedding photographers dream. They also have two of the fields next door to the venue and the photographic opportunities change each and every season, from having long grass, wheat growing, a wild flower section and stunning views across the hills, it really is the perfect setting.

AND to make it even more rural... no phone signal! Nothing. Nada. You can try, but there is no hope! So unless you the couple choose to have the wifi on, none of your guests can be on their phones or uploading anything to social media. The location is a 21st century hole in technology, and honestly, it's wonderfully refreshing!

But what makes this barn unique?! Well to all the men out there, it has to be the ENORMOUS outdoor BBQ... I'm assuming the chefs don't call it a BBQ, because it's one state of the art piece of equipment, but in my eyes, it's the BBQ of everyones dreams. Every single meal I've eaten at Healy has been outstanding, and with me being Gluten Free, I definitely do test some chefs!

There is nothing this venue doesn't have, they have external accommodation off site about a 2 minute drive down the road, they have a main barn area to get married and hold your evening reception in, they have a side barn for both dining and the bar, which also has glass doors along one side looking out onto a stunning sun trap courtyard that includes a pizza oven area for the evenings, they have woodlands next door for photographs, two big fields beside the venue and lots of amazing outdoor space surrounding the venue. Not to mention the great service, food and big BBQ... I'm not sure what else a couple needs!

Most of all though, being the wedding photographer, the Healey team cannot be more accommodating with me, keeping me hydrated with coffee's, providing me with food, and keeping my updated with any timing or schedule changes.

Healey Barn, in my eyes, is the most fitting venue to launch my 'venue directory' series of blogs off!

For all those couples looking for a barn style wedding, Healey is definitely worth a view!



Where are we going next?

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