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With award season in full flow - film and tv awards EVERYWHERE - I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and instead of a blog showcasing my 2018 best photographs, I'm going to do things a little differently.

SO WELCOME to the #CLPWeddingAwards!

Every single one of my couples last year were out of this world amazing, but I'd like to honour just a few of them. FYI if you win you get nothing but GLORY! Time to boast to all your friends that you were the 2018 #CLPWeddingAwards winner!

So let's kick this shindig off with....


When you bring in a surprise helicopter as the grooms official mode of transport, you certainly win by a clear mile!

Aimee & Paul's wedding was at Matfen Hall on the 19th October 2018

BEST SCENERY - Rebecca & Stevie

This was a close race between Rebecca & Stevie and Sarah & Paul, however Rebecca & Stevie just inched it for me with wonderfully sunny views across Windermere and even making the most of it with a steamer ride in the afternoon!

Rebecca & Stevie's wedding was at Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa


There were so many amazing special moments during daddy/daughter first looks last year it was SO HARD to choose between them all, but I think Sarah & her dad just clinched it! Ahhh I just love how special and emotional these photographs are <3

Sarah & Tom had a church wedding followed by a reception in a marquee on their farm.


Oh wow, there has been so SO MANY bridesmaid first looks that I just adored; Keri & Matthew, as well as Sarah & Tom above were so close, but Louise & Mark's wedding just beat them to the punch! These girls provided amazing reactions to seeing Louise for the first time in her dress!

Louise & Mark had a church wedding followed by a reception at The Halston.


Honestly these two could have won a fair few of these awards, however Alex totally stole the show with the best reaction to seeing Sarah walk down the aisle - something I doubt anyone will forget!

Sarah & Alex got married at Three Hills Barn.


These two were a mile ahead of everyone else... however it wasn't totally unexpected since Jayne is a dance teacher and Dean potentially should be a dancer too. Their first dance was to Do You Love Me from Dirty Dancing - their moves were totally on point! This was also followed by a choreographed dance from Jayne and her friends at Carlisle Dance Academy. It'll be hard to beat these two any time soon!

Jayne & Dean had a church wedding followed by a reception at Dalston Hall.


No car can really beat a horse and cart from the church all the way to the reception don't you think?! Esme & Nathan won hands down with their creative and personal touch to their mode of transport and I just loved it!

Esme & Nathan had a church wedding followed by a reception at the Nuts in May Festival Site.

BEST BRIDAL SHOES - Charlotte & James

OK... so I'm such a designer girl, however never buy beautiful heels because I wreck them within around 5 minutes of wearing heels. The only footwear I actually spend money on is boots, and that's because they're hard wearing enough for my elephant feet! BUT I totally LOVE eyeing in all the beautiful heels out there, so when Charlotte told me she had no other than Sophie Webster shoes, and NOT JUST ANY SHOES, these things of beauty, she won hands down! Sorry no-one else was even in the race after seeing these!

Charlotte & James got married at Askham Hall.

BEST CAKE - Karen & David

Claire from Mama Cakes is just a genius, I mean, I already knew this, but when I saw Karen & David's cake, OH WOW, it just blew me away! It seems that it's one of Claire's most talked about and asked for cakes after the photographs went online, and I can certainly see why! I loved the whole design fo this cake, but also the way it fit with the styling and colour scheme of the day so perfectly!

Karen & David got married at the Inn On The Lake.

BEST FLOWERS - Emma & Josh

Milly Davey Flowers.... AHHHHH I JUST LOVE THESE! There were so many bouquets over 2018 that were absolutely stunning, but I had to give the award to Emma & Josh, and Milly Davey. I'm not going to pretend I know much about floristry, but in my eyes these are so so beautiful, the loose greenery with the neutral flowers and just a pop of that stunning pink! This bouquet was so unique and will always be one I remember and love. The flowers didn't just stop with the bouquet though, Milly provided a floral archway, flowers down the aisle, milk churns with flowers and flowers basically just decorating every table and detail on the wedding day. I'll be working another wedding with Milly this year and I can't wait to see what she produces for that one too!

Emma & Josh got married at Three Hills Barn.


Best entertainment goes to Shardia & Paul... but in reality it should really go to Shardia's mum! Her mother arranged for a surprise even the couple didn't know about! Half way through the meal secret singers came out and surprised everyone with a touch of classical opera as well as some well known sing along tunes. Everyone was a little curious to start with, but it soon turned into a massive dance and sing along with EVERYONE on their feet having the most amazing time! Mix this with a magician as well as a steamer ride across Windermere, (AND their wonderful band in the evening) there's no way any other couple could have won this award!

Shardia & Paul had a church wedding followed by reception at Low Wood Bay.

BEST SUNET - Katie & James

When it comes to an incredibly sunny wedding day it does make taking photographs a little bit harder than normal for wedding photographer - making sure there's no hard shadows or your couple isn't squinting looking towards the sunshine. HOWEVER one amazing thing can come from hot summers weddings, and thats the sunset! We timed it just right to go back out for a few more evening couple photographs and luckily what we had was a beautifully unique sunset providing some amazing colours on trees and in the background. This definitely isn't the 'typical' sunset, but I actually love it WAY MORE!

Katie & James got married at Askham Hall.


OK, ok, ok, I know what you're thinking - Kristina's & Jim got married in 2019 not 2018! However they were only 12 days into the new year and there is no-one else who was half as adventurous as these two! They both got married on a cold January's day on top of a mountain, where the rain didn't go vertical or even horizontal, but more of a circular whirlwind action that no umbrella could protect you from! That being said Kristina & Jim still battled the elements for some amazingly memorable photographs which capture their day perfectly!

RIP the umbrella that didn't make it out alive!

Kristina's & Jim got married in the Coniston Coppermine Cottages followed by a tipi reception.

BEST SURPRISE - Alex & Scott

When I decided to do a 'best surprise' award, without a doubt there was a clear winner! This award goes to the wonderful Alex & Scott who announced their pregnancy at the end of the speeches to all their family and friends. I will always treasure the fact that I was able to capture this moment for them. It still makes me smile just thinking about it!

Alex & Scott got married at The Roundthorn.


Not many of you do bouquet throws any more - probably because of how stunning bouquets are nowadays! BUT, the award for best bouquet through, without a shadow of a doubt goes to Shannon & Luke, and the utter hilarity that in a mass of girls, the girl who caught the bouquet was Shannon's sister at the back of the pack! I await the next wedding in the family!

Shannon & Luke had a church wedding followed by a reception at Kirkley Hall.

AND FINALLY.... all the amazing 2018 #CLBrideTribe

Danielle & Ricky got married at The Daffodil Hotel.

Sarah & Tom had a church wedding followed by a reception at the Garden At Eden.

Lisa & Andy got married at Skitby House

Jessica & Dan got married at High House Farm

Alex & Stuart got married at the Merewood Hotel.

Lucy & Lloyd got married at The Wild Boar.

Helene & Alex got married at Healey Barn.

Emma & Tom got married at Eden Barn.

Keri & Matthew got married at Dalston Hall.

Caragh & Ben got married at Healey Barn.

Sarah & Paul got married at New House Farm.

Jennie & Dan got married at The Crown Hotel.

Emma & Luke got married at New House Farm.

Rosie & Nathan had a church wedding followed by a reception at The Plough.

I can't wait to see what 2019 brings and who get's what award this time next year! Tell me, if you're one of my brides which one do YOU want to win??!!



Where are we going next?

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