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When you think of a pre wedding shoot, what comes to mind? Maybe a beautiful beach or a field of long flowers if you've seen some of my other blogs! But for today's pre wedding shoot we're turning the tables on the 'typical' style and showing something a touch more personal and family orientated!

When Rachel mentioned a few months ago that she wanted her and Mike's pre wedding shoot on her parents farm I gladly agreed - I love anything a touch different, and certainly something super personal! After the shoot I drove home so happy and thrilled that Rachel & Mike are one of my couples... do you want to know why?!

Because they're both totally up my street! Their pre wedding shoot consisted of feeding some newly born lambs, dogs running around and watching from barn windows, and a quad bike that Rachel drove us around the land on.

I grew up down the road from my grandparents farm, totally loving being around all the animals, being in the countryside and playing on their quad bike, so Rachel & Mike's shoot was a totally blast from the past for me and it was so SO LOVELY to capture these two where they're most comfortable!

Rachel & Mike, (and let's not forget Rachel's mum, dad, brother and sister I met), are amazingly kind and friendly people, it was an absolutely pleasure to spend a couple of hours with them, and I honestly felt like I'd known them both for absolute years! We were none stop chatting for just shy of 2 hours! I was amazed also that these two have been together since year 10 at school... so that's what age... about 15ish?! WOW! Over 10 years!

But that's enough of my amazement of their already decade long relationship, and let's get to the good stuff... Rachel, Mike & the lambs!

I'm so excited to shoot these two's wedding at Three Hills Barn later this year. And by looking at these photographs, their wedding is going to be one to watch out for!!



Where are we going next?

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