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August 2018 was a utter blur! I was in the height of my first wedding season where I was fully booked, then I got THE CALL.

I have always had a love of fashion.... I suppose I did do a Fashion Communication degree! However I didn't want to go into the fashion photography industry, it was the wedding side of things where my heart lay, then in my second year in the industry I got a call from Karen, the editor of Belle Bridal Magazine wondering if I'd like to be part of a fashion/wedding editorial shoot. I jumped at the chance!

My first feature in the wonderful Belle Bridal was utterly amazing to see in print, (view that blog here), then, towards the end of 2018 Karen asked if I'd like to be part of their 10th anniversary issue! WOW!

I adore working in the wedding industry, as well as shooting for the likes of Belle Bridal, who mix fashion and weddings in their shoots so perfectly, totally gave me the love of fashion back... but in the industry I loved!

It feels like I've been waiting a million years to see the hotly anticipated 10th anniversary issue from Belle Bridal Magazine, and it did not disappoint! I will never get over the feeling of being a part of a shoot with so many creatives, and seeing my work in a wonderful well-known magazine!

So today, I'm giving you all the insider scoop to some images which I'm unbelievably proud of! We shot at the wonderful Ellingham Hall with one of the most beautiful models who travelled from London for the photographic shoot all the way up near Alnwick. The day was a miserable one, so we were inside the entire time with not much natural light coming through the windows, and if you know my style of photography well, you'll know I'm a natural light photographer. This didn't panic me, though, I thought of it as a learning curve - a very big learning curve on the set of the greatest shoot!

I have a basic knowledge of flash and knew I needed to use it for some shots that were asked for. After a touch of trial and error while the model was getting ready, I ended up making a make-shift soft box... with a flash gun, a stand, and a big white umbrella that the wonderful other suppliers held up all day for the flash to bounce off to give my soft bright glow to the images I'm known for.

All in all, this shoot gave me so much confidence in my ability. When I'm not in my most 'ideal' lighting situations and I'm under pressure, I can pull it out the bag and still create shots I'm proud of.

So less of me chatting, more of the shoot. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Suppliers who made the shoot amazing:

Check out some of the other photographs from that day that didn't make "The New Romantic" Feature <3



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