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Have you ever dreamt of doing something but never truly believed it would happen?

Before getting into wedding photography I had a love of fashion, of magazines, of high fashion shoots and how a photograph can tell a story within the glossy pages. I went to university to study Fashion Communication and have never left my love of the fashion industry since.

5 years after leaving university I had the ultimate honour of mixing my two loves together - weddings and fashion! After a chance meeting, (over the phone), with Karen, the editor of Belle Bridal Magazine, she offered me the chance to shoot for an editorial in one of their magazines. I will always be so thankful to Karen for both asking, and believing that I could produce Belle worthy images in one of the most amazing shoots she styled herself.

This was truly one of my ultimate dreams that I never dared to even think about yet, 3 years in the photography industry and I get THIS CHANCE!

I will always remember this as one of my 'life moments'... you know, the moments you look back on that you think "that's the moment where I truly believed in my full potential".

So, I thought I'd share this post with you all, and just a few photographs from the shoot, the day before I'm heading off to shoot again with Karen from Belle Bridal Magazine for their 10th anniversary issue!

I'm honoured to be part of this one too!

The most amazing suppliers to work on The Pursuit Of Pretty

Florals: Fleur Couture

Models: Lauren, Fay & Nova

Wedding Dresses: Kate Fernley Bridal Prom

Headpieces: Silk and Purl



Where are we going next?

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