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It's been a while since I've written a 'Tuesday-Tip' blog for you all, so I'm going to make it up to you by writing THE BLOG.

The blog which'll help all future couples on their big search for the right photographer. There's a whole load of us out there, and each and every one is very different, so I want to help you navigate the world of photography and help find your ideal fit.

Step ONE: Choose Your Colour Style

As photographers we are all very different, some of us are very bright, some are much darker, some are very colourful, others are muted in tones. My BIGGEST tip to you all is to start a Pinterest Board - shock horror I'm suggesting yet another Pinterest board for your wedding day! But, start a dedicated 'Wedding Photography' Pinterest board, and start pinning every photo you come across that you LOVE. Soon you'll start to realise what photography style you're most drawn to. As an example I've done some quick Pinterest searches to show you what a few styles can look like.

FIRSTLY - The Dark & Moody Vibe

This style you'll find is quite dark with very rich tonal colours. In my eyes, TOTAL Fall/Winter feels to it, but also works beautifully the rest of the year too.

SECONDLY - The Bright & Airy Vibe

I sit quite nicely in this category, but there's a few different options with the bright & airy look. My work falls into the bright, warm and colourful style, however the other side to 'Bright & Airy' is bright yet quite muted tones, so you'll see a lot of greens and pastel colours, but brighter colours like reds and blues will be slightly more toned back. Both sides of the Bright & Airy Vibe are so lovely, and definitely has a Spring/Summer feel to it... but like before, it'll easily fit in any season.

THIRDLY - The Warm Vintage Vibe

Ok, ok, this is definitely not the name for this style but I think it quite works to describe it. I've outlined below the photographs in red that really highlight this style. You'll find they all have a very warm feel and have a touchy of an orangey look to them all with most bright colours quite toned back. I love this style when the shoot is based on a beach, or in some dry mountainous area. It fit's SO PERFECTLY with that location, but will also lay it's style to many many other locations around the globe.

These three aren't the only styles out there, but currently they are some of the most popular and a good starting point.

Other things to look at when your choosing a 'style' you love, is do you like the more natural element of photographs, so a bit of fun and laughter, showing your personalities and documentary, or do you like something a bit more 'perfected' and styled - think more high fashion and posed? Once you know both the colour style and shooting style you like you're so close to finding your perfect photographer!

Step TWO: Do Your Research

Once you've decided on what you like, you now need to find a photographer that shoots in that style. This may feel daunting but seriously it totally isn't as hard as it sounds. Pick up bridal magazines from your area, (I'd totally recommend Belle Bridal, Unveiled and Lakes & Cumbria Weddings), and start looking at bridal blogs, and as soon as you see images that fit the style you like, then start looking for the photographer's credit - this is usually in the article or by the photo. Start making a list of photographs you find and jump on Google to check out their websites and if they're within your budget.

Step THREE: Remember Photographers Travel!

You've found a photographer but they are in Manchester and you live in Newcastle... I have good news! Most photographers are happy to travel for weddings! Some add on travel costs or hotel costs if the drive is too far home after working a 8-12 hour day, but it's totally worth it for your dream photographer!

Step FOUR: Contact LOTS Of Photographers

If you've found a few you like the look of and the price fits the budget why not start setting up appointments to meet them - either in personal for a coffee or over Skype. Start getting to know them and see who you gel with the most. They are with you for SO LONG on your wedding day, you need to be able to get along with them and feel comfortable around them, so don't be afraid to ask to meet them first before committing. If you're able to meet up in person, ask to see some wedding albums from a full wedding and some reviews from their past clients, this'll give you more of an idea of how a full wedding will look and who they really are on a wedding day.

Step FIVE: Like Them? Book Them!

Photographers get booked up SO FAR in advance, so if you've found 'the one' don't let them slip through your fingers! I'm currently starting to book weddings for 2021, so this gives you an example of how prepared you need to be for those popular dates in the years ahead!

Enjoyed what you've read? Keep an eye out for my next 'Tuesday Tips' blog, I'm going to totally squash the questions you THINK you should ask a potential wedding photographer and actually tell you what you SHOULD be asking!



Where are we going next?

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