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From shooting the very first cover of the Lakes and Cumbria Wedding Magazine together, to spending time testing out the new Lodore Falls Spa, and even comparing notes on great hotels, (cough cough - King Street Townhouse in Manchester is one of our favourites!) There is never enough time to catch up when Keseme Bridal Makeup and I work a wedding together!

Not only is Keseme a fabulous friend, an ally on your wedding day, (from even helping getting you in the dress - she has been known to hide under a few larger gowns!), but she's also one of the best makeup artists I've met. She knows how to highlight brides features, while keeping you looking super fresh and beautiful. I always get super excited when I see her name on the supplier list because I know she's going to cut my editing time in half since her makeup stays perfect all day long!

Keseme is my go-to wedding makeup recommendation, so it's only right that today's supplier highlight goes to this little lady! Scroll down further to find out Keseme's top wedding tips for all your makeup needs!

What’s your top tips to finding the right makeup artist for your wedding day?

I would always look to social media photographs, as well as professional websites for information on makeup artists so you can get a feel of their style and personality, you have to really click with your MUA as they’re such an important part of your wedding morning.

Also be aware if images are retouched or edited as what you see on some media isn’t actually real life and you need to know the brides are ‘real’. It’s exciting and also daunting to choose. You want to look like a stunning version of yourself, not somehow morphed into someone your groom won’t recognise! 

Is a wedding makeup trial necessary and why?

A makeup trial is ideal to show you various styles and textures of products on your skin, and although you can’t see the complete finished image, (you’re not in the dress yet!), it’s a good idea as you will feel much more confident on the overall look for the day. Having a hair trial on the same day is super if you can time it right. For those who are abroad or don't have time, set up a WhatsApp group with your MUA and #teambride to go over ideas and any skincare concerns. 

How far in advance do you need to book your makeup trial?

Ideally a trial 3-6 weeks before the big day is perfect so your skin tone and texture will be as close as it will be on the big day, and it means the MUA won’t have to re think foundation colour and texture etc. 

How long should brides leave on the morning of the wedding for their own makeup and for the bridesmaids?

I would allow and hour for your makeup, and around 30/40 mins per Bridemaid, and allow plenty of time for breakfast and in-room pics! I always say aim to be dressed at least 40 mins before ceremony time so that you have a bit of 'down-time' before leaving.

Have you got any products you can’t live without for wedding makeup?

My favourite product for brides is a very good blusher, without it the face and features can appear really flat on photographs and drained. A blush just lifts everything and I love Charlotte Tilbury as they have so many colours for any skin type.

Photo on the left from Charlotte Tilbury, and photo on the right from Mlle Jules.

Do you recommend any skincare products or regimes on the run up to the wedding?

For oily acne prone skin , 2/3 microdermabrasion facials (around £25 each) will do wonders for reducing ace scars and open pores. 

Dry/dehydrated skin types need loads of rich creams and a night oil to make sure no fine tiny lines around the eyes and lips, they’re often called wrinkles but it’s just dehydration and not an actual a ‘wrinkle’! 

The week before a very good exfoliation and loads of lip balm is always recommended!. 

Are there any makeup trends brides should keep an eye out for in 2020?

2020 vibes are heading back to very well groomed, natural and elegant makeup to suit the face shape , gone are the windscreen wiper lashes and highlighting the face so much it would be seen from the moon. 

Keseme get's booked up YEARS in advance, if you don't book her for your wedding then you need to at least meet her for coffee - she has some amazing stories to share and would keep you laughing all the way through your wedding morning!



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