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The Secret is OUT!

Last Summer I heard a few whispers on the grape-vine that there was a possibility of a new wedding magazine for the region, which in my eyes would be AMAZING! Great printing to show off photographs in the best light - what's not to love?! Anyway, I didn't hear anything again about it until December last year, when Claire from The English Wedding Blog, (and owns calligraphy business By Moon & Tide), told me that she was involved in the production of the magazine... and that she was setting up a shoot for the very first issue, and would I like to be the photographer for this?!? Obviously I said YES! Fast forward to January and the shoot was set up at The Forest Side in Grasmere, (amazing place for food FYI!!) Then, last week Claire got in touch with a photograph of a Newspaper she'd seen with this advert for the magazine in - with one of MY photographs covering the full page! Just WOW! Obviously, like any 21st century girl does, I went out, sat on the floor in WH Smith rifling through all their papers - not the most attractive I've looked I'm not going to lie! Then I obviously planned lunch with a friend at Brunswick Yard in Penrith and took a very Instagrammable photograph of the photograph in the paper. What 21st century girl doesn't do that?!

I have high hopes that it'll be such a wonderful magazine for our region! Anyway, absolutely LONG story short, you can sign up online to receive a FREE magazine when it's out on the 03.04.18. SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE!



Where are we going next?

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