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Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to post Danielle & Ricky's pre wedding shoot ever since I shot it, but I've just never had a chance to sit down and write it! BUT FINALLY, it's here, and I can share these two beauties!

Danielle and Ricky are getting married in less than 6 weeks! Time is flying, but when they booked me they also booked to do a pre wedding shoot at the same time, we arranged to do it in mid December last year, and like any normal December day, it was dark, miserable and super rainy. However these two are absolute troopers and did not mind one bit - actually I should say these three, because they brought their adorable little Cocker Spaniel, Ronnie, to join in on the fun! I loved Danielle & Ricky's reaction when I offered to rearrange the day because it was none stop raining, "if it rains on our wedding day we'll just have to deal with it, so this is just good practice" - they are so SO right!

Even though the weather wasn't exactly in our favour, I still absolutely love the photographs these two came away with. It feels such an honest portal of the two of them, out walking Ronnie, something they do on a daily basis. The little things are sometimes the best I think! ALSSOOO, as you scroll down, you need to check out their Mr & Mrs mugs! Danielle is the most organised girl, she brought hot chocolate for us all to enjoy half way round the walk and mugs which provided as lovely little props for their photographs.

I love all of my brides inventive prop ideas for their pre wedding shoots - I've had mugs, signs, chalk boards - my brides are just super creative girls! And Danielle & Ricky also have their coordination game on point in their outfits, I love an accent colour to tie everything together!

But anyway, I'll let the photographs tell the rest of the story. I'm super excited for their big day is less than 6 weeks!

Danielle & Ricky are going to make such a beautiful bride and groom on their big day!



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