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I've grown up in the Lake District, so sometimes I feel like I forget just how beautiful the place is.

Excluding 4 years over in Northumberland and a few, (many), travels around the world, the Lake District really is my original home. I always forget just how lucky I am to live in one of the most beautiful places in England... then, the sun shines, I venture into the Lakes and I'm blown away once more!

That's exactly what happened last Friday evening. I was out for Chris and Hayleigh's engagement shoot at Loweswater, a place I actually hadn't ever been to before, and we were so lucky to have such a wonderfully sunny evening for it! There was snow on the tops of some of the hills, yet it was bright sunshine everywhere else. We had a lovely walk around part of Loweswater the three of us, plus Chris & Hayleigh's very special guest Reggie! Reggie is a Puggle, (Pug/Beagle), and I was utterly in love as soon as I met him - if you know me you know I'm besotted by dogs, all I need in my life is a dog!

The four of us had a lovely walk and catch up, getting to know how each other work in front of, and me behind the camera, and I was able to find out more of Chris & Hayleigh's plans for their wedding in September! I won't let out any of their special plans... just yet!

Being in front of the camera can be a very daunting prospect for all couples getting married, but I really hope I've vanquished all of Chris & Hayleigh's worries and they will be PRO MODELS when September comes! If all else fails, Reggie will also happily steal they limelight with his amazing modelling skills!

I love the photographs below of the three of them, they are all utter naturals in front of the camera don't you think?!

Keep an eye out towards the end of the year to see photographs from their wedding day at Three Hills Barn... it's not far away!

P.S. I've been writing this blog while listening to the Ed Sheeran album and now have turned into a very soppy emotional girl. Note to self, listen to rap instead of emotional love songs while writing the next blog!



Where are we going next?

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