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Towards the end of August I was asked to shoot Karl Bowman's new A/W16 collection. Now I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to do this! Firstly, another fashion based shoot which is obviously a love of mine; secondly it would have been my first designer collection photoshoot, so instead of photographing fashion products, it's an ENTIRE collection; and thirdly if I needed any more of an incentive, my favourite team had already been listed for it, Lauren Amy Makeup and Claire Hall from Peaches and Cream Hair, what more is there to love?!

The weekend went by in a whole photographic blur. On the Saturday I had a photography shoot booked in Newcastle for Golden Whispers in conjunction with Jules B, (view blog on that shoot here), and the Sunday was my Karl Bowman shoot day, so to say I was drained by the end of the weekend probably would be an understatement!

The whole day was amazing though, we had all been given a guide and mood board look for the day and straight away Lauren on makeup and Claire on hair started working their magic on our three models, (and while they were doing this I could carry on editing the photographs from my previous day, there's not relaxation for me!)

Location wise, we had chosen a scrap-yard/quarry area that was surrounded by woodland. The choice in this location was fabulous because it meant we had so many different areas we could work with and depending on the item of clothing we were shooting on the model, I could tailor the surroundings to fit in with the 'feel' and 'look', for example, next to an open rock face a shorter dress with chains and open zips will look better than shooting a fitted dress to the knee in the same location.

The day flew by in a blur, starting from 9.30am - around 5pm and we were all ready for a MASSIVE dinner in the evening, by 4pm we were discussing what we were planning to eat, from McDonalds to Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Am I making you hungry reading this yet?! We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day and came out of it with some fabulous images which everyone were happy with.

I'm so excited to be able to add these to my portfolio of editorial/fashion work, and am so proud of our entire team, they wouldn't have been so good without Karl, Lauren and Claire; as well as our three amazing models, Jennifer, Christina and Eyeesha.

I hope you love the photographs as much as I do, and let me know your thoughts by commenting below!



Where are we going next?

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