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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to King Edwards Bay in Tynemouth to do a shoot with Rebecca and Adam. King Edwards Bay is a beautiful little beached alcove that is overlooked by... I was to say a castle, a very big building/castle anyway! It's a place I remember visiting while I lived over in Newcastle for a number of years whenever the weather was warm and I was so excited to go back again - it's been at least 2/3 years since I've been there!

So anyway, on a warm Saturday morning a few weeks back, I picked them up from Newcastle and we all drove out to the Bay - the weather was suppose to be beautiful sunshine but instead it was overcast with thick fog! What can you expect from British weather I suppose though!?! Rebecca and Adam were both a little nervous the weather would dampen the look of the photographs but I was actually more pleased about the fog because it made the area look so beautiful and added more character to the location!

Once down in the Bay Rebecca and Adam were fabulous, they knew exactly what they wanted from the photographs so started to have so much fun on the beach, climbing over the rocks and playing in the sea, (it was so freezing so I give a lot of praise to them doing that!)

Overall Rebecca, Adam and I are all so pleased with the photographs. They love how I took their brief of Hollywood love/glamour and produced photographs along those lines, which also encapsulated them as a couple, as well as my own style.

I hope you all love looking at the photographs as much as we do!!!