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I've never been the type of girl who planned my wedding when I was little... even now I don't dream about getting married and having the big white wedding. But working in the industry you can't help but meet some amazingly creative people who shine above the rest and really do excel in their chosen field.

Even though I don't know if I would ever want to get married, what I do know is who ALL my supplier would be if I did.

I certainly have some favourites and I'm meeting more and more each and every day. So instead of keeping this information to myself about some of my most loved suppliers, I'm going to showcase some of them on here for you all to get to know and find out more about some of the shining stars of the industry.

Today's post goes to Claire from Mama Cakes, who I think I first met at my very first wedding fayre 4 years ago. We chatted most of the day, and she even gifted me at the end a super cute, (and even yummier) cupcake. Definitely the best way to my heart!

I would love to know more about your background, so should we start with how you got into the wedding cake industry?

After doing celebration cakes and christening cakes my regular client's started asking me to do their wedding cakes. I was a little daunted at first, but I soon realised that I enjoyed doing wedding cakes especially sugar flowers much more than children cakes. Also because I have a family it's much easier to plan my year as couples book so far in advance.

The majority of couples wouldn't have a clue how big they need their cake, how do they work out the size of their cake for the number of guests they invite?

I normally recommend to all of my couples that they cater for 75% of their total number of guests, however, I do ask about how much food they are having as at some weddings this can be a lot so we can readjust their wedding cake accordingly as I really hate waste and do believe they shouldn't spend money on cake they don't need.

How does the cake design process work? Do couples send you what they want or is it a collaborative effort?

In our client area all of our couples are given a password which gives them access to their own area, in there I ask them to upload pictures of everything they have chosen or what is important to them, I also include a like and dislikes checklist where they can answer yes or no. Once they have chosen everything for their wedding we meet up again or go through the design process over the phone. I then create a design that is very personal to them, so that it has meaning and is not just a cake. It should never feel like just a cake. This is there most important day and every aspect should be perfect and well thought out.  

How many flavoured sponges do you offer and do you do tastings? What does that entail?


We offer four per cake. They can have our four popular flavours or have a luxury cake tasting and choose their own four flavours. 

What’s your favourite cake you’ve ever made and why?

Gosh, this is a hard one as I have a favourite then, I design and create another one and this becomes my favourite. At the moment it's my blue textured cake with sugar flowers, as I love experimenting with new ideas and designs. (See below for a photograph Claire provided)

Are there any trends couples should keep an eye out for in 2020?

The Pantone colour for next year is classic blue so blue is going nowhere anytime soon. Coloured cakes are becoming more popular rather than the standard white or ivory along with texture and gold and silver leaf. I just love wedding cakes that are different that haven't been seen before. Saying that Blush pink will always be a firm favourite for brides wanting a romantic feel. 

Image provided by Mama Cakes

How far in advance do couples need to book for their wedding cake?

I would say at least 18 months in advance, as once the date has gone it's gone. We have dates that have already taken for 2023!

How much should couples expect to put aside in their budget for their wedding cake?

I would say the average wedding cake costs around £500-£650 but this really is dependant on number of guests, detailing and sugar flowers etc. But if they talk through their ideal spend with their cake maker they will be more than happy to help make the most of your budget.

I don't know about you... but this post has made me hungry! I'm off to eat cake, but watch out next week for another fab supplier post for you to get your teeth into!



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