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How do you celebrate your 8-year anniversary?! Claire and Joe celebrated by GETTING MARRIED at the absolutely stunning Askham Hall, and they honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day. Joe, clipboard in hand on the 27th May 2022, had strict orders on the morning of the wedding in terms of exactly how he and the boys kilts & socks should be, but by the evening his jacket, waistcoat, and tie came off for Joe to seriously hit the dance floor. However, Joe wasn’t the only one to let loose in the evening, Claire (carefully) kicked her BEAUTIFUL Manolos off and opted for some trainers, and trust me, these two are 100% the LIFE of any party! Should we back up a bit?

Claire & Joe have a very well-known app to thank for meeting, TINDER! Claire had only just downloaded the app when she matched with Joe nearly straight away! On their very first date they ticked off most people’s first four dates in one go by going for a long walk, going out for food, went to the cinema, and even had a Lord Of The Rings marathon – it’s clear to see neither of them wanted that very first date to end, which is understandable since six weeks later Claire was moving back to Glasgow after university ended.

They’d made the mature decision that a long-distance relationship wasn’t going to work (especially since it was a SIX HOUR drive between the two) and planned to go their separate ways… however that didn’t quite pan out since within hours of that final date they carried on texting, talking and before they knew it they were both in a long-distance relationship.

⁠Joe’s best man shared on Thursday one of the moments he knew that Joe & Claire would get married, when one day Joe had driven home early from seeing Claire after a big argument. His best man gave solid advice to not do anything rash and to sleep on it and he would come round the following day to talk all about it. However, the following day Joe had pulled a Rachel off Friends and they had their very own “I got off the plane!” moment, with Joe driving throughout the night to sort things out with Claire! And we can certainly say the rest is history!

From their pre-wedding shoot to their beautiful wedding day, it’s so easy to see how utterly perfect Claire & Joe are together, constantly smiling and laughing in each other’s presence, dancing together when barely anyone was on the dancefloor and their magnetic energy just pulled all their guests on, and within seconds it was full again. These two have been a pleasure to get to know and I honestly feel honoured that I got to capture such a special day for the two of them.

I’m not going to waffle on any longer, so instead I’ll let their preview tell you the rest of their story. To one of the most wonderful couples you’ll come across, the new Mr & Mrs Tunstall!!

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