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I was honestly SO excited about Abbie and Ben’s wedding since they booked me back in 2019!

I met up with them in person and got to hear about their initial plans and the fact that they’d booked the stunning Lingholm Estate (if you follow me on social media then you’ll know I adore this place for the food from Lingholm Kitchen and just THE VIEWS!)

With a Covid postponement in the bag, their wonderful makeup artist breaking down on the motorway on the way to their wedding unable to make it, and a band that cancelled on them 4 hours prior to their first dance, it certainly had a few bumps in the road. But you know what, even with a hiccup or two, their special day, 23rd April 2022, was honestly one of my favourite weddings to be a part of to date!

Abbie and Ben are such an easygoing, lovely couple taking everything in their stride, I mean not many couples would happily just get on with the above, and these two did with a smile on their faces! So, let’s talk about EVERYTHING that went perfectly, from the stunning sunshine to the most amazing blooming blossom trees, the jaw-dropping views and the absolutely beautiful tipi that was set up in the grounds of Lingholm overlooking Derwent Water.

I don’t think they could have asked for a better setting or day!

Abbie and Ben met a few years ago at a young solicitors networking event, and as Ben said, while everyone else was talking about how they wanted to make partner in their firms before they turned 30, Abbie and Ben sat down together and discussed all the REALLY important matters - like what Netflix shows they were watching! What could have been a very boring business event turned into the day they met each other, and they certainly went from strength to strength with Ben even remembering exactly what he ate and drank on their very first date. Cute!!

It's easy to see how perfectly well-matched Abbie & Ben are, but when it came to choosing the ring Ben showed how well he performed in the act of deception (only for the best of reasons obviously!) Since they both work the same days and hours, one morning Ben got ready for work like normal, even though he’d taken the day off, he acted like he was on his way into work when in reality once he’d waved Abbie off he went to get her ring instead of going into the office, and started the final plans of her proposal (which was in Venice in the end!!) But first, he needed to include their much-beloved cat so he did a mini photoshoot with the cat and the ring while Abbie was at work – I’m still desperate to see these photos as proof!!!

Abbie & Ben are funny, caring and two of the kindest people ever – I don’t think I stopped smiling and laughing ALL DAY in their company!

Instead of going on anymore (because I certainly could!!) I’ll let the photographs tell the rest of their story. And trust me, it’s a great story from an amazing day!

Here’s to the new Mr & Mrs Crystal!

Suppliers to love:

Videographer: CPD Film

Caterer: Karen Rhodes

Grooms Apparel: Master Debonair


Where are we going next?

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