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This is the first of many 'introducing' articles for all of my wonderful brides to sink their teeth into! Each supplier on my 'introducing' section on my blog are all suppliers I've met within the industry that I LOVE, that I think are wonderfully talented in their own field, and are suppliers I wouldn't hesitate to use for MY OWN wedding - not that I'm planning on getting married any time soon! These suppliers are my must have beauties!

So first and foremost, I'd love to introduce Lauren Amy Makeup, a Penrith based makeup artist trained at the award winning School Of Makeup in Manchester. You can catch a glimpse of her above, wrapped up explaining bits about makeup! I have photographed many shoots, wedding and fashion, with this wonderful woman, and have another planned in the pipeline for next month. I know, each and every shoot I do with her the makeup will be pristine, AND she specialises in Wedding Makeup. So all you brides reading this, check out Lauren's interview below sharing hints and tips when it comes to weddings:

Firstly, give us all a little bit of background about yourself...

I always loved art as a child and teenager, and slowly began to like makeup in a creative way. I’d turn myself into animals and various other things with what little makeup I had. I did beauty therapy at college and developed a passion for skincare, natural beauty and again felt intrigued by makeup. I went on to train in fashion editorial makeup and began my journey doing editorial shoots, which I still do and enjoy now in conjunction with a lot of bridal makeup. Being in the Lake District it’s the perfect place to do wedding makeup and I love helping women feel beautiful and still themselves on their big day.

What’s your top tips for a bride trying to decide on their ‘wedding look’?

Firstly I'd ask have if you have got a theme for your wedding. Or a colour scheme? You can tie makeup in with either of these to complement your wedding.

When picking photos of makeup you like always try and find models with a similar hair colour, skin colour and eye colour to yourself, (this will give you a more realistic idea of how that makeup will look on you).

And finally, consider your bridesmaids and anyone else having their makeup done, how do they all usually like their makeup? Can they all agree a style to tie in together? Similar makeups on the whole party do always look a whole lot better on photos.

Is a makeup trial a must have?


Due to one experience in particular I will never do a wedding makeup without a trial. When I use to work as a beauty therapist in a spa doing makeup we would often not do trials, it makes for a stressful wedding morning and you could end up looking back at wedding photos feeling unhappy with your end 'look'. I’ve only ever done one wedding makeup freelance without a trial and will never again! I always want the bride to feel happy on her wedding day and enjoy her morning. It should be fun and exciting! Not all brides realise that their first chosen makeup 'look' they think they want could actually look alien on them because they aren't used to it, and actually end up being not what they want at all.

Makeup can also irritate peoples skin, how do you know if your skin will tolerate the makeup I or another makeup artist uses? We are all different and so is our skin. Trials eliminate this possibility. No one wants to be uncomfortable on their wedding day. I also get a lot of brides ask “should i have lashes or not,” this is a great opportunity to try them on in your trial and see how you feel before committing.

Your favourite wedding makeup must haves:

For me, ILLAMASQUA SKIN BASE!!! This foundation works on pretty much every skin type and age. It’s amazing!

Makeup must haves for brides during the wedding day would be your chosen lipstick. Always top up! Also a touch of powder to powder down if need be during hot receptions. Everything else should be perfect all day!

What wedding makeup trends do you love for 2018?

Like every year a natural fresh face is back in! I always love this look and it suits all brides. Big bold eyes have been spotted a lot especially by designer Reem Acra. I really like some of these bold eye looks, however some I feel could be a bit too dramatic, and in a way, messy for a wedding day. My favourite however is actually a soft gold eye paired with a bold lip. I think you can achieve a really pretty English rose/ healthy and real look with this. This look will suit all brides given the right colours and shades. Red lips are very much in, this has to really work with the look of the bride, and theme of the wedding. If not I’d encourage one to go for a pink, coral or taupe lip.

What should a bride do skincare wise as the countdown to the big day draws near?

Regular facials are a great idea as soon as you’ve booked your date - monthly is all it takes. Learn from your therapist what product is going to target your concerns and treat yourself to that product(s) and really build it into your routine to see the benefits in time well before your big day. Skincare is really powerful and can give incredible changes to the skin if prescribed and used correctly.

Two weeks before, really think about your water intake and cut out junk food and takeaways. These can cause breakouts and excess oil production with thin the skin. Lower your dairy intake also as dairy is one of the worst causes for acne, spots and eczema. Think about your sleep too, try and get those hours in!! A few days before keep using on your skin what you always use, keep your routine the same. Starting a new routine and new skincare and makeup products can upset the skin!

You’ve seen many a wedding morning, from your experience have you got any big DO’s and DON’T’s that you’d like to share with all brides?

Do be up early as requested by hair and makeup to ensure you have a peaceful and easy morning.

Find time to eat, (don’t let yourself go faint)!!

Don’t worry about things that others can sort out - it's your morning, be selfish and enjoy it. Your wedding will be perfect, enjoy every moment and let others sort out anything that has to be organised the morning of the wedding.

Do enjoy a glass or three of bubbly... but don’t drink too much!! No one wants to see a drunken bride rolling down the isle.

Try not to have too many people in the room in the morning, closer to the ceremony this can get a little overwhelming and hectic.

Do enjoy the time getting ready with everyone on your big day, it can be one of the most special moments on your day!!

For all makeup enquiries for Lauren Amy Makeup, please see her website HERE.

Telephone: 07834 388 939



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