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To me, the small details count.

The quality, finishing and packaging mean a lot.

Queensberry Albums understand this very well! When pealing the brown box open you get the first hint of magic oozing out into the light. For me every album I design give me enormous pride in my photography, when I get the first glimpse before forwarding onto you, my clients.

The presentation box my Queensberry albums come in actually has a long history - developed in 1995 by leading designer Donna Hoyle, it combines two graphic elements: a 17th Century Italian text, and a series of leaf and heraldic devices including their own Cherub. It doesn’t even bear the Queensberry name, but to me, and my clients, it’s a key part of the Queensberry identity, like Tiffany’s Blue Box… but maybe not as famous! And like Tiffany's, the box projects the values of exceptional quality and timeless design that both Queensberry and I stand for.

Then once the open, you get to feel the grey suede inner bag before evening crossing the album itself. Everything is made and produced in New Zealand where Queensberry is based: the silky soft suede bag hand cut and sewn within Queensberry HQ, the silk screening and die cutting done by local specialists.

I hope that when you first receive your album — even before you open it — you feel the same way I always do on each and every delivery, excitement of reliving your wedding day through the pages of something so unique, and personal to you.


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