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I've always been conscious as a wedding photographer that I don't want to lose my love of photography.

When starting my business I knew that I needed to keep my love alive and not get in a rut of shooting a wedding in the same way every single time, churning wedding after wedding out. I want to make sure that each wedding I photograph and edit isn't the same in look and style, for example how I go about taking the photographs, as well as editing them. I always want to push my own boundaries, and in 5+ years time I don't want my photographs to look the way they do now. I love what I'm shooting and producing right now, but photography is just like fashion, trends come and go, and to stay fashionable I need to stay ahead of the game!

Which is why I LOVE to go back to my training school Aspire Photography Training in the South Lakes every so often, and meet back up with the tutors and stylists there to work alongside like minded photographers and share our ideas and thoughts whilst on a stylised shoot. Aspire is like a community, a photography family, and it's always a dream going back.

My view is, photography is ever changing, you never know everything and there is always someone better than you that you can learn off.

So last week I booked myself on Apsire's Winter Wedding Stylised shoot, with wonderful photographer Jenny Heyworth and stylist Catherine Conner taking the day. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, it was FREEZING, but we had wonderful frost covering the outside surroundings and wonderfully blue sky. An ideal day for getting creative and inspired!

Anyway, enough chatting from me, below is part 1 of a selection of photographs I shot during the day and I'm so pleased and in love with the whole look, the title is very fitting for these photographs - it's not technically Winter yet but I feel like we should change the seasons and just say the 1st of December means it's Winter. I mean, it's basically Christmas!

I've had to split this shoot into two blog posts because there were just far too many photographs to choose from!

Vendors List:

Lighting: Typical Type

Hair and Makeup: Lucy Pearson



Where are we going next?

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