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I'm going to do today's wedding a little differently to normal, and instead of me gushing over these two, (which I most likely will in a bit - because OMG I JUST LOVE REBECCA & STEVIE!!!), I'm going to pass you over to the couple themselves for a few words...

From Mr & Mrs Nash:

"There’s a little still-frame in my mind

A photographic memory etched in time

Of love and laughter on a perfect day

And like a video reel it runs on replay

But if memories fade as they often do

It will be ok because we had the perfect ‘you’

Preserving moments with every camera click 

Making us comfortable was your cleverest trick

With every thoughout frame and every zoom and flash

From the wedding preview to becoming Mr&Mrs Nash 

We want to thank you in every possible way

For being the perfect photographer on our special day"

Every single time I read that it makes me feel so unbelievably happy - I mean, HOW SWEET of them to write something so personal and meaningful. Some of my couples give me presents, glowing reviews, and big cuddles, but these two went one step further to write a poem! Rebecca & Stevie's wedding will FOREVER be one of my most loved, purely because of who they are and just how lovely they are together and to everyone around them!

Rebecca & Stevie got married at the absolutely beautiful Low Wood Bay Hotel & Spa. It was the first wedding I'd shot at this venue and I've been besotted with it ever since! These two planned a wonderfully personal ceremony that was filled with a fair bit of laughter, (and quite possibly a tear or two), as well as some wonderful music from one of their guests singing. Their ceremony flew by in a blink of an eye and before we knew it they were having their outdoor drinks reception overlooking the amazing landscape!

These two are absolutely pro's in-front of the camera and were up for not just one, but two lots of couple photographs. The first was straight after their ceremony in the height of the sunshine, going down to the waterside, heading off to a mini wooded area, AND walking up a little hill by the venue to get some of the best views possible! There was absolute dedication with Rebecca taking off he heels to walk through fields in bare feet - it was definitely worth the effort once we were up there!

There's so many things that I could say about this day, like the surprises in the speeches with messages from Rebecca Adlington (the Olympic swimmer), Pat Sharp (Fun House presenter), some signed Everton memorabilia up for grabs, as well as a congratulations card from the comedian John Bishop! They definitely pulled out all the stops! Both the amazing speeches, as well as the most wonderful steamer ride across Windermere Lake after dinner definitely made for the most memorable day!

... I warned you I'd gush! Ahhhhh I could talk for absolute hours about how amazing both the day and Rebecca & Stevie are, but before I start to bore I'll leave to have a scroll through their images - keep an eye out for their evening sunset shots, you can't ask for a better sunset than this!

I wish these two all the love in the world, they definitely deserve a whole lot of happiness to come!

A few more words from the happy couple: "Camilla is a true professional and one of the nicest people you will meet. She made us and everyone else at the wedding feel so comfortable and has a natural way of organising couple shots and family photos. Camilla shot our pre wedding shoot and wedding and we love her relaxed style of photography. It was so lovely to receive the wedding preview 48 hours after the wedding. I honestly can’t recommend and thank Camilla Lucinda Photography enough.’

Suppliers who helped make their day happen: Venue: Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa Dress:Charlie Brear from Mia Bridal Makeup & Hair: Katie Dale: Hairdressing and Wedding Stylist Florist: Brackens of Bowness Cake: Sugar Ruffles Grooms Apparel: Woven Durham Band: Jukebox Jets

P.S. Love viewing Rebecca & Stevie's Wedding? Why not pop over to their pre wedding shoot HERE!



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