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Kelly & Kevin got engaged at a Christmas party in 2018, booked their wedding after a couple of months, and in May 2019 tied the knot at the Gretna Green Famous Blacksmiths Shop, proving a wedding can be whatever you want it to be! ⠀

With only their parents in attendance it was so special to be part of their wedding, capturing the moments and photographs for them that they’ll end up showing their family and friends who weren’t there. This wedding was just SO BEAUTIFUL!! I only spent an hour and a half with these two but felt like I got to know them in that time, and hopefully it shows through the photographs. Throughout our time together I found out how these two met, and OH I just LOVE their story; on a Bank Holiday weekend in a local pub, Kevin was there in his electricians clothing, which in Kelly's words "were what attracted her to him - the tradesman's work gear!" They started talking and have been best friends ever since! Kelly & Kevin definitely show the true meaning of a marriage, no frills, (except on Kelly’s dress), and a day just about the two of them, with their parents in tow and Kevin's dad wearing a pair of £1.50 flip-flops with his suit due to dropping a glass table on his toes the day before! Nothing is ever quite perfect, but this day was certainly perfect for Kelly & Kevin! I wish them both an amazing life together! Here's a little bit of advice from Kelly herself for anyone thinking about doing something a little different on their wedding day:

"Big or small weddings are all very special, stay true to your hearts and have the wedding you both want. Making the decision to only invite our parents made our day perfect for us. We could relax and enjoy their company and spend the whole day together laughing and loving every minute of it."



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