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I'm such a 'silver lining' kind of girl! Always finding a positive to every situation, and today is definitely no different!

Last year I got SO BEHIND on all my wedding blogs, I thought I would never catch up. "Should I just not blog them?!" I'd question myself. But I'm so glad I decided to really put in the effort this year to both catch up on all my 2018 wedding blogs AND still stay on top of my 2019 ones. So today, my silver lining is getting to relive so many of my wonderful couples weddings while putting their blogs together. Sometimes I can rush through a wedding season without ever looking back, and it's been such a pleasure looking back today on Helene & Alex's beautiful wedding at Healey Barn! I nearly forgot just how wonderfully special this day was!

Helene & Alex got married at Washington Church on the 11th August 2018, a local church near Alex's parents house, followed by a reception at the always beautiful Healey Barn. These two mixed their cultures perfectly, with Helene being French, and Alex half English and Scottish. The day saw both Helene and Alex getting ready in the morning at Alex's parents surrounded by both families. YES, you read that right, both families were in one house celebrating and getting all excited together BEFORE the ceremony. The tradition of hiding the bride away from everyone doesn't always suit brides, and Alex & Helene's wedding morning was so cute and family orientated because of having everyone around. Honestly it was such a lovely idea! These two even decided to do a first look together out in the garden. Getting all their nerves out of the way, they had this moment just for themselves, seeing each other dressed amazingly and having their time before the day rushed past in a blink of an eye!

The ceremony followed in a lovely little church, with Alex and his mum walking in first, and Helene & her dad in last - which Helene told me a few days before their wedding was French tradition, (and I love it!!) Like the morning, the ceremony was a family affair with Helene's sister playing guitar to accompany the hymns.

Flash forward and before we knew it everyone was arriving at their reception venue Healey Barn (and wow did it look stunning!), everyone was outside in the beautiful courtyard catching up over drinks and playing garden games. The rest of the day flew by in a blur, with 3 speeches and a song written just for the happy couple by Helene's family which went down a hit! They also brought in a touch of Alex's dad's heritage with a Ceilidh dance in the evening! After a few drinks during the day, the whole wedding was up on the dance floor - I don't think one person stopped laughing while trying to get the steps of the Ceilidh correct while I was there!

Helene & Alex are certainly advocates for doing their wedding their own way, picking traditions from each others heritage and just generally having one of the most special days of their lives! I'm thrilled to have shot their wedding with them and spend some time around their nearest and dearest. I'll end this post on a little note from Helene:

"I totally recommend Camilla. She was so friendly and managed to get us relaxed for the couple pictures. The photos received are amazing and captured so well the day. Definitely worth a 5*"

Suppliers who made their day special: Venue: Healey Barn Dress: Jesus Peiro from Grace & Kate in Versailles, France Bridal Bouquet: Ashbrook Florist Hair: Escape@Sanmarie Beauty Spa Cake: Waitrose dressed by Healey Barn Music/Ceilidh: The Jacobites



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