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Some girls are as close to their father as they are to their bridesmaids, so would really like to make a MOMENT just for the girls to see them in their dress for the first time!

So how do we go about setting up a first look for your girls?

When you’re about to get in ‘THE dress’, we’ll clear the room of your besties, and have your mother/ sister/aunt etc, just one nominated person to help put on the dress. Also if you choose to have your mother as the nominated person, this can be such a sweet moment between the two of you, a moment your mum has probably dreamed of!

Once it’s on, we can let the girls come in and capture the first moment they see you - and what a moment it is!

It’s your choice if you’d like a daddy/daughter and/or a bridesmaid first look - but I’d highly recommend one or even both of them!

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