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There is one outfit you might not have thought about...

At this stage of wedding planning the chances are you’ve spent A LOT of time thinking about what you’re going to wear on your wedding day. It’s possible that you’ve been thinking about it off and on since you were a little girl. And with all of the amazing wedding blogs, magazines, and bridal-themed Pinterest boards, no one would blame you if you’ve been doodling dresses and veils all over your notebooks and calendars ever since the moment you got engaged!

But what are you going to wear BEFORE you put on your wedding dress?

I adore capturing the moments while a bride gets ready – the private moments; the special little details of her jewellery and accessories; the sweet laughter and sharing with the loved ones who join her in the room – so I’ve seen quite a few brides in the hours before they don their wedding dress. Many brides get self-conscious about what they should wear during their getting ready part of the day. But don’t fret! I’ve seen brides getting ready in comfy pyjamas with flip-flops, stunning coordinated robes, and everything in between! As long as you’re comfy, relaxed and in an outfit that you won’t get too hot in and can get off without messing your hair, then you are starting the day right!

I thought by opening up the conversation and thought process about morning outfit's it'll start getting all you brides thinking about the possibilities, and honestly, the prettier the outfit, usually the morning photographs turn out even better than usual!

Below are just a few of my amazing brides and bridesmaids co-ords!



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