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A couple of weeks ago I got the pleasure of shooting Jamie & Cheryl's wedding, my first September wedding of 2017!

Now before I really start I need to truly explain the plan of action for the day, Jamie and Cheryl don't do anything by half, they didn't want just one venue... but TWO!

Yes two venues!

Starting off at Skitby House, where they'd planned to get married and have afternoon tea. They'd organised, and executed, a truly rustic, country vibe in their decor, and I hope they don't mind me saying, an Alice in Wonderland feel to their afternoon tea. I'm not sure that's what they were going for, but I thought it really did have that feel to it, with their table in a large rectangle shape, floral decorations hanging from the ceiling, and a BEAUTIFUL looking afternoon tea all set up. It really did just feel magical!

Then comes the evening reception, a bus arrives to pick up all the guests and transports them to The Halston, where their evening guests were meeting them. We were suddenly transported into a wonderfully modern, glamorous location - glitter ball and all - where more food and dancing could start!

There's always a winning moment for me in a wedding, a moment where I think 'just wow', and this wedding was definitely full of the 'WOWs', but my true winning moment during Jamie & Cheryl's day was their first dance. They looked just so beautiful together, and I think you can really feel the love between them through the photographs.

Before I end my commentary of Jamie & Cheryl's wedding day, I have to give a MASSIVE shout out to Cheryl's bridesmaids! They were an amazing group of girls, constantly looking out for Cheryl's looks and dress, from continuously topping up her makeup, to fluffing the dress, to repositioning her veil - there is nothing these girls can't handle! As I told them on the day... they should really create a 'rent your bridesmaids' business, for all the girls who want their day to run incredibly smoothly!!!

But anyway, that is PLENTY from me, I'll let the photographs tell the rest of the story.


Hair & Makeup: The Winter Spa



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