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I'm taking us back to the 22nd July for today's real wedding!

Elaine and Kevin got married at the wonderful Dalston Hall, and I'm not just saying it's wonderful because it's only a 15 minute drive from my house - I promise! It's honestly a stunning venue with a mixture of the darkened historic hall and a beautifully bright white marquee. You really do get it all with this venue!

Elaine and Kevin were hoping to get married outside, but unfortunately the weather man had other ideas for us! However, the 'compromise' of getting married inside doesn't really feel like a compromise since the inside ceremony room is so utterly beautiful and filled with character that we all soon forgot about the original plans. We were incredibly lucky though that straight after the ceremony the sun came out and the whole party was able to head outside to enjoy their reception drinks and start celebrating! I LOVE being able to shoot outside and capture wonderful moments like Kevin and Elaine have in their photographs.

This whole day had such a wonderful feel to it, and I honestly loved editing this whole wedding for both Kevin and Elaine, each photograph made me smile so much. It really was such a wonderful day to be part of and I truly wish their family, all the love in the world!

P.S. If you ever get to attend a wedding at Dalston Hal, pray that you get the sticky toffee pudding as your dessert... because it was the BEST thing I've eaten at a wedding so far! (Yes I have the biggest sweet tooth!)

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