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Today's wedding story starts back in January when I got an email from Kristina explaining that her and her husband to be, Nick, were planning to elope from London to Gretna to get married in secret. Now... I don't usually do Gretna Green weddings, however when I received Kristina's email, I just couldn't resist when I read the below!

"...I have been searching online for a photographer based close to Gretna Green but couldn't find anyone suitable at all - then I came across your website and it felt like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Your style of photography is exactly what we are looking for..."

I just fell in love with her then and there after I read that, and after a few phone calls I agreed to spend a couple of hours with the two of them in Gretna Green, being part of the biggest secret I've probably ever been included in in MY WHOLE LIFE!


I met the two of them 15 minutes before their ceremony, flowers in hand after picking them up from GreenWheat Flowers & Fika, and they were such a lovely couple and straight away I could see why they wanted to elope and how perfect a plan it was for them! We had such a wonderful day weather wise - as you'll be able to see from the photographs - and after spending 90 minutes with them documenting the ceremony and getting some utterly lovely photographs of the two of them beaming with love, I headed home to start the editing in my garden.

What a relaxed wedding day!! It was the shortest, but an incredibly fun wedding day to be part of. I loved it! And I loved spending time with both Nick & Kristina, they are the kindest and sweetest people I've met and wish them ALL the happiness in the world.

Oh... and if you're wondering, their family and friends were utterly shocked when they found out the next day, but so incredibly happy for the two of them! Phew!



Where are we going next?

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