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The past two months I've been incredibly busy creating a cohesive brand message for all CLP Brides and all possible future ones. And now FINALLY, I have two new items that have been printed amazingly and delivered to my office... starting with:

My New Pricing Brochure!

Last year I had a mini brochure of my photographs to give to couples, but it didn't have my prices on, so I worked incredibly hard to create something a little different for all new brides and grooms to receive from me that isn't really like any other photographers. I want to be unique! My pricing brochure goes through all of my full day packages and comes with a letter written by myself outlining further information my future couples may have requested via email. This means that I now have a standard brochure that is sent out to new couples, however I still try to make the correspondence as personal as possible by putting a individual letter with it in the post outlining further information the contacted couple may have asked/wished for.

I personally love these pricing brochures and the printing quality is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, because they were printed with Print Graphic, in Carlisle. Contact me for one today!

My second addition to my whole bridal experience is...

The Wedding Experience, for all Camilla Lucinda Brides!

This is something that I've been working very hard on! I've never felt too happy about the fact that brides send a large deposit to vendors, in this case me, their photographer and they don't actually reap any reward from that deposit until after their wedding day. And in some cases that can be another 2 years down the line! My conscience has never massively liked this fact, so for a while now I've been thinking about what I could send to brides straight after they paid their deposit as a 'thank you' for choosing me out of all the amazing photographers out there.

And TA-DA! That is where my Bridal Guide was born! It's a guide with SO MUCH information in that will help the whole planning process and wedding day run a lot more smoothly. It's possibly the first time these couples have planned a wedding, however I've seen countless planned and have noticed where they have flourished and possible pitfalls some have encountered, so I wanted to share my entire experience and knowledge with all of my brides that book me.

I won't say any more that's inside it, because that's a secret between me, my brides... and probably all their friends and family they have shown. I hope you all massively enjoy reading it! For anyone wondering I got this printed by Blurb, a fabulous online printing company specialising in books and magazines.



Where are we going next?

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