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This week I've been incredibly pro-active in updating my website and when I was redesigning 'The Fine Print' page with all of my pricing and packages on, I started to think a lot harder about my Album Package.

I've always been very conscious to not overprice my albums and album package but also on the other side of things I do use one of the best album producers - you pay for what you get really. And I've also NEVER wanted to be one of those companies to say 'this is the price' then afterwards you realise that you need to pay a lot more for exactly what you want. I started to realise that maybe with my album package I was fitting into that category a bit too much, because I was offering a very limited selection of pages and cover types. My main bug-bare I had with this package was it only includes Faux Leathers, and there aren't any light colour options in that range. Therefore, if you wanted a leather look cover but wanted a lighter colour you would have had to pay for an upgraded cover from the Micro Leather range. I felt strongly that I needed to include this option as well as a few others within my package, giving a FULL range of colours and styles to fit everyone's taste.

After crunching some numbers, and really feeling like I needed to offer a lot more options in my album package I came to the hard conclusion I needed to increase my price on my album package a little bit - by £50. I do really want to stress, and this is why I'm doing a blog post on it, that by increasing the price I'm not making any more profit on my album package at all.

Until January 2017 I am still giving the option of the lowered price of £1,400, with the increased restrictions, however if you don't request the lowered price, my album package is now and the only option from January 2017 will be £1,450.

In the new package, your NEW options will be:

A 10" x 10" handmade album;

Micro Leather, Faux Leather, Silk and Buckram covers;

Personalised cover options of embossed names or cover motifs which include a text and/or photo small squared front;

Up to 16 page spreads on Heavy Silver Halide pages or 20 page spreads on Medium Silver Halide pages.

Additional paid extras now only include:

Increase in album size

Genuine Leather, Wrap-Around or Full Photo Covers;

Additional pages in either Heavy or Medium options;

Parent Album - a small copy of your original album for parents and family.

I hope the above has clarified what's included in the album package. I love to be very open and honest with ALL of my couples, which is why I felt the need to fully explain the price increase - I hope it helps!



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