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The whole day begins with the details! This is an important part of the day for me, because it allows me to prepare and get my creativity warmed up for the rest of the day. I photograph a bride's details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. So, in some ways, the details set the stage for the look of the whole wedding.

However, one thing that I will never understand within the details section is most brides will spend a small fortune on their wedding dress, however their dresses usually arrive on plastic hangers? Where are the luxurious hangers to match the item hanging off them??

Two months before my brides big day I always send out a 'what to expect' styled booklet, with information in to help the day run more smoothly, and one of the items in this booklet is... the dress hanger!

Luckily for all of my brides I pack with me to all bridal prep mornings, a standard wooden hanger just in case I meet the dreaded plastic ones again, however I always suggest to think of either purchasing a tailor made one for their dress, or bringing one of their favourite from home. I'm more than happy to always use my wooden one, but the thing is, brides know the look of their wedding more than anyone! Be it a very modern look, a 1920's theme or even a hanger to match the wedding colours, I like to at least give you the choice in how you present your dress.

It really is something that nearly everyone can forget about - and a hanger is such a simple thing that can make a big difference to your wedding dress photo.

(Photo No.2 and No.5 taken at Mia Bridal)



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