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2018 was my first year where I was fully booked, so in all the commotion of trying to get everything edited on time and making sure I was sticking to schedules, I totally missed some of my KEY photographs to take that I love to share with you all. One of those was all the amazingly beautiful albums I created for many of my couples through Queensberry!

So this year, as the last few 2018 album deliveries have arrived, I've made a promise to both myself and you, that no matter how busy I get I'll always make time to shoot and share my couples albums, because they are all so different and unique!

To start this promise off I have three of my 2018 couples albums I'd love to show you!

First of all, we've got Shardia & Paul's album. They got married at low Wood Bay in September and went for the genuine contemporary leather cover in colour graphite, personalising it with a square photo and text cover motif.

Next we have Emma & Tom's album. They got married in Eden Barn in August and went for the micro leather cover in powder blue, personalising it with a square photo and text cover motif.

Finally we come to Jennie & Dan's album. These two got married at The Crown Hotel in December and chose a classic buckram cover in silver. They also went for a photo and text squared motif to personalise the front cover.



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