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One of the most frequently asked questions that I get during wedding season is, “Soooo, what do you do if it RAINS?!” I want to reassure you that even if it rains, you will still have beautiful portraits and BRIGHT colours in your photographs. I know that rain isn’t ideal and no bride would wish for rain on their big day but if it happens, it happens… we will just roll with it and it will be just fine!

Can you believe this portrait here weas taken on a miserable and rainy day? Maybe the umbrella gives it away, but I have some tricks up my sleeve to help make things work and your photographs will look vibrant despite rainy conditions. We are in England… what do we expect?!

Here are a couple of things you may want to consider if the forecast is looking a tad gloomy...

plan shelter

Making your day a success sometimes all comes down to planning for every eventuality weather wise. We would all want our drinks receptions in those beautiful gardens of your chosen venue, but make sure you have a back up plan if it rains, is there another room your guests can use inside the venue, or a little marquee outside for your guests to relax in? Check with your chosen venue to make sure they have room to accommodate ALL your guests.

remember your flooring

If you're having a marquee or tipi this one's for you guys! Think carefully about which flooring option you choose, carpets and matting may be the cheaper option but if it rains it will be the first thing to soak up all the water and will NEVER dry throughout the day. Invest in wooden floors and you'll weather-proof your reception area perfectly. Also take this opportunity to chat to your marquee/tipi hire company, they always have amazing suggestions for something practical and beautiful, so chat weather with your suppliers!

your timeline

Be open to the fact that your timeline may get thrown out of the window! Your portrait time might change from after the ceremony to after your wedding breakfast, so make sure you leave breathing time between all major plans during the day. Flexibility is key to planning for every eventuality!

cold days, even colder nights

Wind and rain are awful, but also think about your evening reception, If you're planning a marquee or tipi reception don't forget when the sun sets it can drastically get colder no matter the month and weather. I'd always suggest you check out portable heaters and give your guests a warm outside area if it's a dry day or just to warm up your entrance! Also don't forget a little drug or bolero jacket for yourself to keep warm - it's great having that amazing strapless dress... until you turn blue!

umbrella party favours

Create a back-up budget! A budget that can come into play in your final weeks if you've forgotten anything, OR if the weather forecast isn't playing ball. Umbrella's as party favours is such a fun and unique idea! And the same applies if it's a hot day... maybe fans as party favours. Have a bit of fun and think outside the box!

designer shoes... ruined!

ALWAYS, always, always, bring a change of shoes, especially if your venue has a lot of muddy areas, or again your in a marquee or field! I've had brides wear wellies during portrait sessions, cowboy boots, and Nike trainers - the choice is yours! Just please don't ruin those eye wateringly expensive designer shoes!

warm up with a drink

If your planning your wedding in the Autumn and Winter months, consider serving warm drinks during the reception. This works amazingly around Christmas with mulled wine or cider. Or why not offer liqueur coffee or hot chocolates, it's your day, you create the rules!



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